Invoice submission is as easy as 1.2.3....

Project/task should be clearly stated on the invoice. One project per invoice will save a lot time from sending one invoice to several project managers to approve.


Purchase Order(PO) is the key. Ask for PO before starting your work. PO is the indicator the work has been approved by authorized approver. Without PO information, you may experience delay in payment process. Be sure to put PO information on invoice.


Click here to go to Vendor Web form or


Fill out your information, choose project/task and update file.


Once you receive "Thank you" message you are done. Your invoice will be processed according to your term on PO/contract

Invoice Submission 

 Project Invoice Submission

E-Builder Submission: qualified vendors will be given an E-Builder login and submit invoices using the "Commitment Invoice Approval (IA) Process"

Detailed submission instructions will be provided by our procurement department upon signing of your Purchase/Task Order.

Other Vendors will continue to submit your invoices via the portal at

Please fill out the online form with all of the required fields.

Once you receive "Thank you" message you are done! Your invoice will be processed according to your payment term on contract.

Please contact if you have any questions.